The short answer is ABSOLUTELY.  If you care to know the long answer please keep reading.

To answer this question properly, I first have to tell you how my father, Fernando Rego Sr.,  ended up in the Bespoke Menswear industry.  My father was born on San Miguel Island, which is one of the 9 Azores islands off the west coast of mainland Portugal.  My father had many jobs by the age of 18, but his job as the famous ' Coat Check Guy ' at the US Army Officer's Club would serve to pave the path for his and several other careers to come.

My father has a saying that goes something like "Whatever you choose to do in life, be the best at it".  If you choose to be that guy at the street curb twirling cardboard signs to lure people into a store, be the best sign-twirler there is.  You never know what it will lead to next.  In today's world, someone will likely film you and you'll become a YouTube viral sensation.

In my father's case, he was the best Coat Check Guy these American Army officers had ever seen.  He didn't need to give you a ticket to check your coat.  He just remembered you by face, and when you came back to get your coat, he'd always grab the right one.  But "the show" didn't stop there. 

Instead of handing your coat to you over the hinged, wood shelf separating the patrons from the coats, he'd raise the shelf and walk out behind you to put your coat on with effortless style.  It was one of those less-than-2-second experiences that somehow resonated with you and made you remember the Coat Check Guy the next time you visited The Officer's Club.

One Day the CEO of Alexandre of London Bespoke Clothiers was visiting the Officer's Club because their Bespoke Clothing franchise had a location on the US Army Base, at the Post Exchange.  After visiting the Bespoke Menswear store during the day, the CEO went to the Officer's Club for dinner.  When he checked in, he made mention to my father that he did not provide him with a Coat Check Claim Ticket, and my father let him know that he'd have no problem remembering which coat was his when he came back.

At the close of dinner, the CEO was curious to see if he'd end up with someone else's jacket.  What happened next would change my father's life forever, and effect the lives of countless others to follow.  My father grabbed the CEO's jacket, and raised the shelf.  He walked behind him and slid his jacket on like the man's arms were hot griddles and the sleeve lining was made of butter.  When the CEO experienced the event, he turned around, handed my father his business card and said "young man... where did you learn to put a coat on like that"?  He replied "just doing my job the best I can sir".  He went on to say "you take this business card to the Alexandre of London Bespoke Store at the Post Exchange and tell them I said you now work there".

I could stop this story here, and the point would be made that being the best Coat Check Guy paid off for my father.  Maybe some other time I'll tell you the rest of the story.  The short version of that one is that you likely wouldn't know me if my father wasn't the best Coat Check Guy on the Azores island of San Miguel.

As a Trands USA customer, we want you all to feel like you are the best Clothier in your Town, or even Country.  Having the right tools for the job means having USTYYLIT TryOn garments that are up to date.  With the upcoming launch of USTYYLIT 2.0 with STYYLCart you will want to be equipped with current USTYYLIT TryOns to get the best results when placing orders.  Taking advantage of the Art of the TryOn Event means you can get as many as you need, which might even mean doubling up on core sizes for your Direct Sales Teams.

We look forward to a fantastic FW18 Season.  Will you be ready?

Paul Alexandre Rego

Director of Customer Experience