TrandSend FAQ #1 - Why do TrandSend emails end up in Junk Folder?

Email service providers block certain types of email to protect you from unwanted or malicious email such as phishing, scams, and spam.  When TrandSend emails end up in the Junk folder, the email service provider is mistaking email that you want for email that you don't want.

If you change your email provider settings to unblock or whitelist an email address, email from that address will be more likely to get through. 

Click the button below for instructions on how you can change your domain records to increase your email deliverability rate using TrandSend.  There is also information provided so you can ask your clients to whitelist your email address when they are expecting email from you to help improve the deliverability.  If these options are not possible for you, we recommend that you send the emails to yourself first, and then forward them to your clients from your personal email account.